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Petroleum Storage Tank Removal

CG Mid-America Environmental offers professional petroleum storage tank repair services in Oklahoma and Missouri and throughout the Midwest and South regions of the U.S., Our team is proud to be one of the largest environmental underground storage tank (UST) and above-ground storage tank (AST) contractors in the Midwest. Over more than 20 years, we’ve provided petroleum storage tank services for more than 800 facilities. We’re the trusted petroleum storage tank experts to call if your facility needs repair, you’re thinking of changing lines of business, or you have an emergency on your hands. We also perform petroleum storage tank inspections. Learn more about our petroleum storage tank services and contact us with any questions or to schedule our team to visit your facility.

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Comprehensive Petroleum Storage Tank Services

The team at CG Mid-America Environmental provides AST and UST petroleum storage tank services, including Petroleum Storage Tank installations, upgrades, compliance, and tank removals. We can assist your facility with pollution prevention, risk management, and regulatory compliance as well. We’re fully licensed and adhere to the latest regulations regarding leaking petroleum storage tank case solutions. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality services, starting with underground utility locates, Fire Marshall permitting, the construction notification phase, leaking petroleum storage tank case closures, and more.

Our Team Is Here to Assist, Providing the Following Services:

  • UST Removal – There’s more to the UST removal process than you may think. If you have an underground storage tank on your property and are worried about a leak, we can remove it properly. If your facility has an unused UST, chances are it’s not completely empty. As that tank deteriorates over time, it may begin to leak those remaining fluids and cause environmental hazards. Underground storage tanks that are no longer being used should be removed to prevent these problems from occurring. The standard underground storage tank removal process involves notifying state and local governments, hiring a licensed contractor like CG Mid-America Environmental, removing all product from the tanks, inerting the tanks, and beginning the excavation process. Reduce your risk and increase your property value by removing abandoned USTs.
  • UST In-Place Closure – When removing an underground storage tank is not the most viable option, our team can provide UST in-place closures. USTs can be permanently closed by filling the cleaned and empty tanks with inert solid materials, including sand, gravel, foam, or concrete.
  • AST Decommissioning – Our team can decommission or dismantle your above-ground petroleum storage tank if you no longer need it. We have the training, equipment, and expertise to get the job done safely and efficiently. Count on us to safely remove tanks and assess site contamination.
  • AST Cleaning – We offer cleaning and maintenance for above-ground storage tanks at your industrial facility. Our team utilizes high-pressure hydro blasting services to meet current regulations. Our above-ground storage tank inspections include bunkered or partially buried storage tanks as well.

Ghost Tank Removal Services

Ghost tanks are petroleum storage tanks that are no longer used. These tanks may be discovered during site inspections, construction work, and other activities. Ghost tanks are those suspected to have been utilized for petroleum or other hazardous chemicals or waste materials. In many cases, ghost tanks are discovered during roadway and underground utility construction. Ghost tanks can also be located with the use of a magnetometer and ground-penetrating radar or by using excavation equipment in the field. Our team has the skill and equipment needed to locate suspected ghost tanks. From there, we can remove them, provide sampling, and report them to the proper agencies.

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Tips for Petroleum Storage Tanks

While calling in our professional team is often your best solution, there are some things you can do to be proactive about your facility’s petroleum storage tanks. Petroleum storage tank leaks often go unnoticed until it’s too late. Check all your overfill, overspill, and release detection equipment at least monthly. Each month you should check the spill buckets and containment sumps. Look for cracks, holes, or other loose connections in the buckets. Use release detection equipment monthly and make sure everything passes. Every six months, you should check the tank hold observation wells for the presence of the product. Our team can perform these inspection services for you.

Emergency Petroleum Storage Tank Services

Get in touch with us immediately if you encounter any emergencies related to your AST or UST. The team at CG Mid-America Environmental provides emergency petroleum storage tank services in Oklahoma and Missouri and throughout the Midwest and South regions of the U.S. Contact us today for emergency or routine petroleum storage tank services.

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