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Lead Paint & Soil Testing

Mid America Environmental Services offers lead testing services in Oklahoma, Missouri and throughout the Midwest and South regions of the U.S. We’re one of only a few private sector companies to have our own X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer (XRF), which allows us to provide fast, reliable, and non-destructive test results for painted surfaces and soils for lead content. Many other inspectors take chip samples that are destructive or use unreliable spot tests. Our team offers instant and reliable lead testing services that allow us to test dozens of locations for the cost of a few samples. Get in touch with us to learn more about our lead testing services.

Caution tape describing lead-based paint hazard

What Is Lead?

Lead is a naturally occurring element, but it is very toxic to humans and animals if ingested. Lead is especially harmful to infants and throughout early childhood development. During life’s early stages, lead can be absorbed into the body more easily. Children who suffer from lead poisoning can have nervous system damage, stunted growth, hearing loss, developmental delays, and reduced IQs. Lead is also harmful to adults and sometimes causes reproductive problems for men. Studies show that about four million households with children have dangerous lead exposure. There are also more than half a million children in the United States under the age of five with dangerous blood lead levels. Lead can leach into drinking water from household plumbing fixtures. The substance has also been discovered in children’s products as well as food and soil. However, the most common way children are exposed to lead is by ingesting lead dust through routine hand-to-mouth contact when lead dust is dislodged from deteriorated paint or is generated during remodeling projects. Other dangers of lead poisoning include:

  • Learning disabilities among children
  • Impairment of the developing nervous system and brain
  • Hearing loss among children
  • Kidney damage among adults
  • Increased risk of high blood pressure among adults

Why You Need Lead Testing

You may be wondering if you need to test for lead at your home or commercial facility. Lead can be found in paint, dust, or soil. The licensed, professional lead testing experts at CG Mid-America Environmental can determine if your building has any exposure. We can perform a paint or soil inspection to determine the lead content in those areas. From there, a risk assessment identifies sources of lead exposure which may include pain and lead dust, and then specifies which actions are needed. We perform soil lead testing at your worksite, so get in touch with us to get scheduled.

Lead Regulations

Due to the dangers of lead, regulations have been set forth by the EPA, FDA, and OSHA. Paint intended for residential use is now limited to 0.06% lead content. CG Mid-America Environmental is familiar with these regulations and provides lead paint testing and lead soil testing to find out if your building is safe or not:


The standard for lead in the ambient air is 0.15 µg/m3, which is averaged over a calendar quarter. The EPA has also established 400 ppm for lead in bare soil in play areas, while 1200 ppm has been established for non-play areas for federally-funded projects. Lead in water delivered to users of public drinking water systems has an action level of 15 µg/L with a goal of zero.


Various action levels have been set regarding lead in food items, including the use of lead-soldered food cans being banned.


Standards have been set regarding the amount of lead allowed in the workplace, at 50 µg/m3 averaged over an eight-hour workday.

Lead Testing & Environmental Solutions

Don’t take any chances when it comes to lead. The health of your family, employees, or customers could be at risk. One of our representatives would be happy to answer any questions you might have about our professional lead testing services in Oklahoma, Missouri, and throughout the Midwest and South regions of the U.S. Contact us today to learn more or schedule service.

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