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Mid-America Environmental Solutions’ Waste Transportation in OK, MI, & Beyond

Mid-America Environmental Solutions is a market leader in non-hazardous and hazardous waste transportation. Over the years, we have assisted businesses in appropriately managing and disposing of garbage while remaining in regulatory compliance. We connect each customer with the appropriate equipment and trained personnel to take garbage on a one-time, recurring, or emergency basis. Compliance, paperwork, permits, and reporting are all handled at every stage. Whether it involves relocating hazardous waste away from populated areas or transferring non-hazardous waste to recycling facilities, we are dedicated to providing the utmost care for both you and our environment.

Tankers Carrying Waste - CG Mid-America Environmental

Reliable & Efficient Waste Transportation Services

We understand that moving garbage, whether hazardous or non-hazardous, necessitates specialized equipment and skilled personnel. We supply garbage generators in various sectors with safe and compliant waste transportation services. With our fleet of over 50 trucks, we are able to provide efficient and compliant waste transportation services for both hazardous and non-hazardous waste materials. Our fleet includes:

  • Box trucks – Used for transporting goods and cargo in a secure and enclosed space.
  • Van trailers – Ideal for long-haul transportation of large quantities of goods.
  • Tankers – Designed for transporting liquids, such as oil, gas, or chemicals.
  • Vacuum trucks – Used for suction and removal of liquids, solids, or sludge, often in waste management or cleaning applications.
  • Roll-off trucks – Equipped with a hydraulic hoist system to load, transport, and unload large containers or dumpsters.
  • End dump trailers – Utilized for hauling loose materials, such as gravel or construction debris, which can be unloaded by tipping the trailer.
  • Guzzlers – Specialized trucks used for cleaning and pumping out large quantities of liquids, including sewage or industrial waste.
  • Jetters – Designed to clear blockages in pipes and sewers using high-pressure water jets.
  • Vactors – Multi-purpose trucks equipped with vacuum and high-pressure water systems for cleaning and maintaining sewer lines and catch basins.

Flexible Options for Your Specific Needs

Our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions means we can handle all aspects of waste transportation. Whether you require transportation and disposal services for industrial waste or household garbage or need assistance with emergency response cleanup, we have you covered. We begin by completing a complete evaluation to understand your needs. Then, using the appropriate equipment, trained drivers, and optimum routes, we design a tailored trash transportation solution. We provide dependable transportation for small-volume generators using box trucks and van trailers. We use roll-off trucks, tankers, vacuum trucks, and other bulk-carrying vehicles for greater amounts. If your company generates a consistent waste stream, we may plan a route to service your site regularly. We send the right truck and staff to your location for one-time rubbish hauls when necessary.

Strict Staff Training & Certification

We ensure our staff completes all required OSHA, RCRA, and DOT training courses. They wear proper PPE and follow strict safety protocols when handling waste. You can trust our hazmat-certified drivers to transport your materials with the utmost care. Our transportation staff undergo rigorous training to ensure safety and compliance. All drivers hold valid CDLs and hazmat endorsements. They are trained on:

  • Federal and state waste transportation regulations
  • Safe operation of waste transport vehicles
  • Handling, loading, and unloading procedures
  • Emergency response protocols
  • Navigation and route optimization
Logo Behind the Waste transportation Truck - CG Mid-America Environmental

Detailed Documentation & Reporting

We excel in managing all essential paperwork, securing permits, meticulously tracking manifests, and reporting to both regulators and disposal sites. Our commitment to detail is evident in the maintenance of thorough records throughout the entire chain of custody. This rigorous documentation not only upholds transparency but also guarantees the fulfillment of your compliance obligations. Our documentation includes:

  • Waste Shipment Records – These identify the transported waste’s type, quantity, and destination.
  • Hazardous Waste Manifests – We complete detailed hazardous waste manifests with a unique tracking number for every shipment.
  • Bills of Lading – These documents define the terms for transporting the materials to the selected treatment, storage, or disposal facility.
  • Safety Data Sheets – We provide safety data sheets for waste materials, including handling precautions, spill mitigation, exposure controls, and disposal methods.
  • Land Disposal Restriction Notices – For waste subject to land disposal restrictions, we supply appropriate notices certifying the waste meets treatment standards.

24/7 Emergency Response

In addition to scheduled pickups, we have resources on standby 24/7 to respond immediately to emergencies and unplanned waste-generation events. Our drivers and fleet of vehicles are on standby around the clock to provide urgent assistance when you need it most. Within one hour of your call, we can dispatch a qualified driver with appropriate waste transportation equipment to your facility. Our team is well-versed in emergency response protocols and transporting unknown wastes in compliance with hazmat regulations. We take every precaution to ensure your emergency waste is contained, transferred safely, and disposed of properly.

Dependable Service for Peace of Mind

For years, companies in Oklahoma, Missouri, and the Midwest have relied on us for efficient waste transportation tailored to their needs. Our combination of specialized equipment, trained drivers, compliance expertise, and focus on safety translates into worry-free waste transportation services. Trust Mid-America Environmental Solutions as your experienced partner for transporting your hazardous waste, non-hazardous waste, crude oil, wastewater, sludge, and other materials. Get in touch today to learn more about our waste transportation capabilities!

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