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Phase I & II Assessments by CG Mid-America Environmental

Whether you’re a buyer, seller, or developer of real estate property, it’s important to have a qualified and trained environmental assessment professional on your team. CG Mid-America Environmental offers environmental assessments and services in Missouri and Oklahoma, and throughout the Midwest and South regions of the U.S., that protect all parties involved in real property transactions. From investigating Recognized Environmental Conditions (REC) to assessing the potential impact on the surrounding environment of proposed developments, our team has the experience necessary to provide your team with accurate environmental assessments for informed decision-making. Contact us today to learn more.

Team ecologists examine wastewater with pH test

What Happens in an Environmental Assessment Phase I?

A Phase I environmental assessment is a non-intrusive investigation into the current and historical uses of the property. Our team takes a detailed look at the history of the site to put together an accurate picture of years’ worth of data. Our findings allow our environmental professionals to make an informed recommendation as to whether or not a Recognized Environmental Condition exists at the site. If it is deemed there is a REC, we also determine if it needs further investigation (Phase II Assessment) or corrective action. Our investigations include:

  • Reviews of historical records on the federal, state, and local levels
  • A site visit by our trained environmental professionals
  • Interviews with past occupants, property owners, and any other parties previously affiliated with the property
  • Reviews of any other available current or historical site information

What Is a Phase II Environmental Assessment?

As noted previously, the environmental assessment process in Phase I is a non-intrusive method of gathering current and historical information about the site. Through our detailed analysis of data, our team will determine if further investigation of a Recognized Environmental Condition is required on the property. This Phase II environmental assessment process collects samples from soil, groundwater, and/or building materials to understand the levels of various contaminants that might be present, including petroleum hydrocarbons, heavy metals, pesticides, asbestos, lead, and more. We maintain specialized equipment to complete Phase II investigations such as an XRF analyzer to detect lead and drill rigs with direct push and auger capabilities. We have all the tools necessary to properly test and treat any affected area.

When Is Environmental Assessment and Monitoring Necessary?

There are obvious times when an environmental impact assessment is necessary, such as after the cleanup of a hazardous waste spill to assess damage to the surrounding area. However, Phase I is a worthwhile proactive measure for property buyers and developers interested in acquiring real estate. You can save a lot of time and money with our professional services. By doing some crucial homework, you’ll avoid the headache of acquiring a property that ends up being deemed unfit for your desired use. Wouldn’t it be helpful to know that prior to making an offer on a site? Our environmental process is thorough and available even if you don’t own the property in question. The sooner you have access to the information, the more prepared you will be.

Learn More About Environmental Assessments

At CG Mid-America Environmental, we perform thorough and reliable Phase I and Phase II environmental assessments in Missouri and Oklahoma, and throughout the Midwest and South regions of the U.S., that provide detailed and informative evaluations of land and buildings. We look into the past, sample the current conditions, and make experienced projections about the future environmental impact that provide a clear picture of what landowners or potential buyers may encounter while owning, selling, or developing a property. Contact our team to learn more about environmental assessments today.

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