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Contact CG Mid-America Environmental for Waste Transportation and Disposal in the Midwest

CG Mid-America Environmental is Oklahoma and Missouri’s choice for environmental services, hazardous and non-hazardous material cleanup, field services, oil and gas emergency response, and more. Our emergency response services offer customers peace of mind during challenging times. We use innovative technology backed by experienced technicians. Our customers have access to money-saving solutions that can change lives. Contact the cleanup crew at CG Mid-America Environmental.

Two convenient locations:

Oklahoma Missouri

CG Environmental

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Comprehensive Environmental Services

CG Mid-America Environmental offers a complete line of environmental and professional cleaning services. Our team of experts has extensive training in our dedicated fields. We provide solutions for:

Lead Testing

We use an X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer to test for lead reliably.

Waste Transportation
and Disposal

We provide trusted and reliable waste hauling and disposal services. Our experienced team handles chemical waste disposal, hazardous waste removal, and toxic waste disposal. We customize our waste transportation and disposal service with permitting and a fleet of equipment to meet your needs.

Contact CG Mid-America Environmental

When you need environmental services or emergency response services, our thoroughly trained and licensed team is here for you. We can handle the most challenging jobs with ease. We respond to emergencies as quickly as possible because we understand time is critical to ensure safety. Contact us today for more information.